How I came up with my best ideas

Posted by Financial Youth Intelligence on 02:54PM, 4 June, 2015

Few ideas are truly original. We borrow all the time from those who came before us. The trick is to make an idea your own and run away with it. The aphorism “Good artists copy; great artists steal,” is usually attributed to Picasso. Over the years, many people have misconstrued this to mean that the famous painter blatantly duplicated other hard-working artists’ ideas. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.


Economic News Roundup of May 2015

Posted by Financial Youth Intelligence on 05:30PM, 3 June, 2015

What is the Secret to predict the next market trend? One Word: "Central Banks" It has been eight years since the great financial crash of 2007 and the world has been feeding on 0% cheap loans and debts without having any major repercussion. To further compound on the problem, Europe, Japan and now China, are also offering cheap loans, for people to invest into properties, stocks and bonds. The rush of cheap money looking for returns has prop asset prices all over the world above that of their fair valuation. No doubt that the stock market is an indicator of the future, but the future became past and so far, whatever valuation which many analysts has justify in the past did not come to fruition in the future, which is the present.


Why Don't Students Care About Personal Finance (feat Cheerful Egg and Ke'ichi Wealth Management)

Posted by Financial Youth Intelligence on 02:53PM, 19 May, 2015

The blog post "Why Don't People Care About Personal Finance" by Cheerful Egg sparked off a flurry of discussion among financial online world with me contributing another article and Ken'ichi Wealth Management sharing on his own experiences why people don't care about finance. Kenji mentioned that in his blog post that one of the primary problem is that financial education is not thought in school and he proposed that educators should work on more visual aids like Youtube videos to encourage people to learn more about money.


Economics News Roundup for March 2015

Posted by Xeo Lye on 11:35AM, 27 April, 2015

Janet Yellen did it again. At the beginning of March, the rise in the US Dollar seems to be unstoppable and oil prices seem to be inching its way down as oil producers around the world refuses to budge by cutting their production. Than came the highly anticipated Federal Reserves Meeting.


Of Gold, Silver and GST

Posted by Jonathan Quek on 11:38AM, 31 March, 2015

“Is it cheaper to buy gold and silver in Singapore?” With only a day to go before that GST kicks in, on April 1, 2015, we are already feeling the pinch as malls and supermarkets were full with everybody rushing stock up stuffs before almost everything costs an additional 6% in price or even more. So, are your gold and silver going to cost an additional 6% for GST?


FTSE Bursa Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Composite Index (FBMKLCI): Bullish momentum expected to continue

Posted by Benny Lee on 01:16PM, 30 March, 2015

The FBMKLCI rebounded as I have expected last week and rose above the immediate resistance level at 1,790.0 points. Rebound in crude oil price and firm Ringgit helped the market to gain some confidence. There are also signs of foreign institutions picking up local shares as the weak Ringgit made Malaysian stocks attractive. The FBMKLCI increased 1.4% to 1,814.04 points, the highest level in three weeks. The index, however, is still below the crucial resistance level at 1,820.0 points which is the long term 200-day moving average. The index has been trying to break above this average since the beginning of this year but failed.


7 Things that I Learnt about the World Largest Condom Manufacturer – Karex Berhad

Posted by Teng Hau Lee on 12:00AM, 24 March, 2015

Last Saturday will definitely be one of the highlight of 2015. One of our dreams in Financial Youth Intelligence is always to bring top management of a public listed company to meet the future investors – the youths and do what Warren Buffet do before he invest in a company. Before Warren Buffet invests in a company, he will meet the top management of the company and have them to share their vision, strategy and plans for the company. Warren Buffet can do that, because when he invests, he doesn’t invest in 1 share or 100 shares of that company. In fact, when he invests, he will acquire the entire company so that he can have completed control of that company. While youths can't do that, we are making this happen for them. Last weekend, through our project with Bursa Malaysia, we managed to bring the CEO of Karex, the largest condoms producer in the world to meet all these “future investors” in University of Malaya and share with them insights of their plans, strategies and vision for the company.


Stop Studying, Start Learning

Posted by Jonathan Quek on 02:47PM, 20 March, 2015

After a long day at work, I came back home, turn on my laptop and I chanced upon this article in KiniBiz titled ‘The Uncompetitive Graduate” It’s interesting that this article points out that Malaysian youths do not meet the requirements of the job market because: - Do not speak fluent English - Poor communication skills - Accustomed to the spoon-feeding culture - Inability to solve problems or being creative and analytical


KLCI Short Term Outlook Update by Benny Lee

Posted by Benny Lee on 12:00AM, 16 March, 2015

Market sentiment remains bearish as the ringgit slid to a six-year low. But it's not all bad news as local exporters like rubber glove manufacturers make the best of the situation.


Oil Price Stabilizes. Greece Backs Off from their Anti-Austerity Demands

Posted by Financial Youth Intelligence on 03:17PM, 2 March, 2015

February has been a good month for the equities market thanks to a more stable oil price, Greece backing down from their initial demands and a temporary ceasefire at the Ukraine front. The US equity market recovered strongly from their terrible January performance and caught up with the global markets in terms of performance. Things seem to be going well for the Americans and the Europeans for the time being. Meanwhile, the US central bank indicated that the rise in interest rates will go ahead this year, but they will moderate the pace of the increase in accordance to the economic conditions.


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